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Snoring lowers the quality of your sleep

Don’t ignore the snore! The myNight app can help you reclaim your sleep to awaken your best again.

There are many well-known health benefits that come from a good night’s sleep, such as heightened alertness, boosted mood, increased energy, better concentration, more stamina, greater motivation, better judgment, and more. However, snoring disrupts you and your partner’s sleep, and can also be a sign of a more serious sleep disorder called sleep apnea.

It’s time to take action. The revolutionary and free myNight app analyses your nighttime breathing to monitor your sleep quality and determine if you are at risk of sleep apnea. There’s nothing to wear or place under your mattress or pillow - just the myNight app and your smartphone.

Determining your risk levels

Combined with a short questionnaire, the myNight app monitors your breathing patterns while you sleep, and will calculate the risk level your snoring may be putting you at. It also measures any breathing pauses that may occur during the night.


Low risk

If you or your partner’s snoring is only minor and interfering with sleep infrequently throughout the night, you may be identified as being low risk.


Moderate risk

If the nightly snoring patterns are frequent and interrupting sleep many times throughout the night, you may be classed at a moderate risk.


High risk

Should you or your partner’s snoring be at a level which is disrupting your sleep and breathing pauses are detected, then the myNight app will identify this as a high risk and make suggestions about how to find a solution.

Sleep Recording

Using just your smartphone microphone and speaker capabilities to track and measure your breathing, myNight provides insights into you or your partner’s snoring to assess the impact it’s having on your sleep quality.


Breathing Pauses

Snoring at night is caused by the restriction of airflow through your nose, throat and airways. In some cases, this can interrupt your breathing completely, rousing you briefly to clear the blockage. These breathing pauses are monitored by the myNight app which contributes to your risk level.


Risk Assessment

By actively listening to you or your partner’s breathing throughout the night, the myNight app assesses the patterns for significant gaps and then compares your patterns with standardised sleep profiles to identify the level of risk of a sleep disorder.


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